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We are a team of educators and therapists that tailor to individuals with dyslexia, ADHD, dysgraphia, and other learning differences. We help parents, students, and educators find and utilize tools and strategies to develop children’s rich potential. Schedule a consultation with our team today to develop an individualized plan for your families needs.


Dyslexia is not going to stop your child from being successful. Individuals with dyslexia excel at big picture thinking, creativity, and resiliency just to name a few. The barriers for a dyslexic person are no longer science and technology based but rather outdated, ignorant attitudes, and remediation techniques. We have noticed the dichotomy of what Sally Shaywitz calls the “knowledge gap” and “action gap.” At our company, we believe in taking action and using only empirically researched methods and strategies tailored to each individual client. Our great hope is to “allow every dyslexic to dare to dream.” (Sally Shaywitz, 2020)

Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder

Attention Deficit Disorder is a common comorbidity with Dyslexia. In fact, many estimates state that 40-50% of Dyslexics fall on the ADHD spectrum. For the dyslexic reader and speller, decoding and encoding tasks are not automatic. This means they are prone to “Empty Bucket Syndrome”. Consider you have a bucket and that bucket provides you attention. When you are a mechanical reader, this requires attention and you dip into your bucket to assist you with the task at hand. Most readers will barely dip into their bucket, while struggling readers will drain their buckets trying to complete the task. Imagine a world where an individual with ADHD understands that their bucket only needs to be refilled and understands how to refill it? Our company strives to foster and encourage just that. We work with our clients on developing and implementing executive functioning skills and strategies to help keep their bucket full.

Remediation Methods

You came to the right place! Let us save you many hours of research and endless questions. Go to our blog and learn about our favorite tools and platforms. Do you feel like accommodations are hard to implement? Let us help build good habits and answer questions on when and how accommodations should be used.Orton Gillingham- Orton Gillingham is a multi-sensory approach that teaches symbols, reading, and spelling. It can be administered independently or in small groups. Our tutors focus on learning through movement, sound, touch, hearing, seeing, proprioception, and vestibular. This approach is friendly for students who are learning how to read at a young age or need remediation to be able to read successfully at an older age. We love Orton because of it’s flexible structure and ability to meet the individual where they are. Barton- Barton is founded off the Orton Gillingham approach. It is a scripted and highly structured approach to reading and spelling. It’s greatest strength is its emphasis on spelling and advanced reading skills and it does this by having students memorize and implement rules. Best practice for Barton is to be implemented one on one. We find it is best for older children and adults or children who perform better with greater structure. Handwriting Without Tears- Handwriting is an undervalued skill and is one of the first skills taught when a child enters school. Although one might not realize the importance of proper pencil grip, posture, and letter formation HWT addresses all these essential areas. Handwriting Without Tears is a program that is developmentally structured and multi-sensory that utilizes consistent guided practice, hands-on manipulatives, and simple and effective language to foster handwriting fluency and success in both print and cursive.

Why Reading & Writing Network?

This is our heart work. We genuinely want to support you or your loved one in reaching their potential. Our goal is to serve our community needs through transparently and top practices. We are here to support today, tomorrow, and throughout your journey.

Our Services

Treatment & Care

We offer one on one tutoring tailored to students needs. One on one tutoring allows the student to grow at their own pace and to be engaged at their “just right challenge”. Personalized instruction can blend different skills for deeper understanding of a concept. Different skills that we could address include; improved fluency and comprehension, fine motor activities, phonics instruction, handwriting, study skills, writing, grammar, vocabulary extension, and affixes,.

Small Group Remediation

Small group courses will be 3-5 students. Group instruction address students that have similar goals. Small group remediation allows peer to learn positive inner and outer communication. They can experience being involved in an uplifting community that inspires one another through the ups and downs. Students in groups will have individualized goals and material. They will enjoy phonics curriculum, hands on activities, and interactive readings. This curriculum though flexible to the groups overall needs will be more structured.

Other Skills

Students with Dyslexia can struggle with fine motor skills, sensory differences, and poor muscle tone can benefit from specific activities that can be added throughout tutoring. Through ongoing education certifications we have the knowledge and experience to serve and engage our students. Areas at risk are penmanship, coordination, sensory processing, emotional regulation, and posture. We can mentor executive functioning skills and mindfulness techniques to help students process information and use scaffolding to help students succeed and complete tasks.

Homework and Life Skills

We have tutors ready to jump in and support you with homework assignments, studying, and other life skills that you may need an accountability partner for, a quick review of concepts, or a moment to teach you a helpful tool/strategy.

Parent Coaching

We strive to foster a kind and collaborative community. When going through a learning curve it is comforting to be a part of a like-minded community. Our goal is to show up for you. This journey can feel daunting and can require decision-making and lifestyle adjustments. We want to support you in the process; whether that is listening to your concerns, partnering you up with another parent, helping you seek out answers, or being a shoulder to cry on. We are one call away and ready to listen to you, support you, find solutions with you, and celebrate with you!


Whether you are an educator, parent, or member of the community who has questions about dyslexia, dysgraphia, or ADHD you have come to the right place. We are a community ready to give you another set of eyes and knowledge. We would love to answer questions you have if you are new to a Orton Gillingham, Barton, Handwriting Without Tears and other assisted curriculum. We understand the value of having a mentor and are here to support. We believe the more empowered and knowledgeable people are the better we are as a community at large. We all are ready to learn with you, share our knowledge, and learn something from you too! If you have a student you are worried about, need supportive tools, have a difficult conversation coming up with a parent, or want more knowledge and want some helpful tips we are here to support you.



I am writing to highly recommend Jessica Servy.  My son, was diagnosed with Dyslexia and Dysgraphia in April of 2019 in his 2nd grade year.  She has been his tutor for almost two years.

Jessica’s in-depth knowledge of Orton-Gillingham, experience with teaching Dyslexic students at the Schenck school, along with her intuitive understanding of what a student needs to succeed has made her a life changing partner in my son’s educational journey.

Over the past two years Jessica has been able to improve not only my son’s reading level from an N to an S, but the methods that she has taught him has sparked a love of reading. When he began tutoring with Jessica he did not have the confidence to read a picture book for pleasure and now he is choosing to read chapter books, which better match his interest levels.

Jessica has a different approach to working with children than I saw with other tutors I interviewed.  Even though I found many who had Orton-Gillingham training, she was the only one that seemed to understand the importance of building a relationship with the student.  I knew this from the very beginning because she was the only tutor who offered to meet my son prior to actual tutoring lessons just so that they could get to know each other. 

She also understands the importance of building trust with the student.  My son’s self-esteem took a beating after years of not understanding why he felt smart and could talk about very advanced topics, but he couldn’t read, write, or spell at the level of his peers.  I naively thought after his diagnosis that he would be relieved that he was indeed smart (130 IQ), but his brain just worked differently.  He was not relieved, but actually put up a lot of resistance to tutoring.  He felt discouraged that he was different and that these things that came so easily to others were so hard for him.  Her patience and empathy made all of the difference in getting his buy-in. Also, her ability to share stories of her own personal struggles with Dyslexia helped him relate to her.

With the onset of COVID and my sons’s school moving from remote learning back and forth to face-to-face learning, Jessica’s role as a tutor changed to better support him in these challenging times.  She is now working as an extension of the school by working with him during tutoring on writing compensation assignments given from school. To better support him, Jessica has worked with his school teachers to develop strategies and tactics to be used in the classroom and in tutoring.  Her Schenck classroom experience has been a great asset as she recommends strategies to his classroom teachers.

In addition to all of the wonderful accomplishments Jessica has been able to make with my son, she has been an amazing support for me.  Through this journey as a parent I have had to learn a lot about a learning difference that I knew nothing about prior to my son’s diagnosis.  She has always made herself available to talk to me about anything, which has been invaluable.

Jessica is not only a knowledgeable and effective teacher for students with Dyslexia, but she is truly an advocate for them and their families.  Her passion for helping a student and their family is apparent in everything she does.  My son and my family are so grateful for the opportunity to have her as part of our lives and can only hope that she can help others the way she has helped us.
Stephanie K.

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